Friday, 7 May 2010

Knowing your Boundary’s…

After much debate in my own mind I made the potentially painful 'gamble' not to go to Boundary Park. Weighing up the financial cost of the day out (as a solitary traveller), whilst accepting the improbability of the run of results required to go up automatically, I decided to priorities my limited resources with a view to the more likely Play-Off games ahead.

It is a huge gamble and a choice that leaves me – and many other Addicks, I don't doubt - in one of those awful juxtapositions where on the one hand I will forever hate myself for not going should fate go our way, but, if given a choice, I would instantly settle for the indeterminate agony of missing out on the Boundary Park celebration if it meant the Addicks went straight up.

Of course, the challenge for the all-important 4th place means that even with a quick and early indication that results are not going our way there will still be so much to play for. For that reason, I take my hat off to those Addicks who will make the journey up the M6. I hope and pray your efforts are rewarded with one of those magic moments; perhaps one of those days that will be instantly etched in Charlton history forever.

As for me, I plan to head out for a run to escape civilization for the first half at least. Beyond that, I will be stuck to my iPhone for updates. Fingers crossed!

As difficult a day as Saturday may prove to be, I’ll be glad when it’s over.

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