Wednesday, 9 June 2010

You've Got To Hold The Ball...

I had one of those magic moments yesterday as I got home from work armed with a CD I'd created with all the England World Cup football related songs I could recall (ready for a party on Saturday night).

Picture the scene, the whole family in my conservatory dancing away to New Order's 'World In Motion', which is head and shoulders my favorite England song (if not one of the more evocative tunes in my 'favorite' list). Cue John Barnes rap, and off I go, giving it everything I've got...joined word for word by my 6.5 year old little girl (who had taken to standing on the sofa to replicate a stage)!!! I couldn't quite believe it.

Now I will confess to singing / rapping it around the house intermittently over the years, in those random moments when it just pops in to your head (should I admit to that?), but World In Motion hasn't been played in my house since 2006.

Just goes to show what kids pick up, but what a fantastic moment.

To add to that, my 3.5 year old lad asked for an England shirt after his Great Grandad gave him a wall chart and some football cards. I'm off to the shops this afternoon...


  1. Brilliant moment Ted. One you will remember forever. Spoke to my son yesterday who has worn his new England top everyday "except when it's being washed."

    You've got to hold and give
    But do it at the right time
    You can be slow or fast
    But you must get to the line

  2. Talking of brilliant moments, your headline reminded me of 59/60, or was it 60/61, at Park View Road.
    Brian Kelly (erstwhile QPR reserve striker, and he of the brewers flush which got ever redder as the game progressed) pushing the ball out to Harry Gunning (B&W winger, sprouting a precursor of the Rod Stewart hairdo), with a shout of "'old the ball 'arry". Of course, he never did!
    Which leads on to the greatest goal I have ever seen. The said Brian Kelly lumbering into the opposition half; throwing an overweight body swerve; the opposition half backs/defenders, to a man, "swaying" in the same direction; and, Kelly "bending" an old fashioned, saturated and mud caked leather football round them and into into the corner of the net.