Saturday, 14 August 2010

East End Goals

A quick look over the usual bloggers and I realise I’ve nothing much to add to the positive comments following last nights hugely enjoyable victory at the Orient! It was a memorable and highly dramatic night in the East End, that’s for sure. It’s still way too early in the season for me to be dreaming of glory, but what the hell, without hope you have nothing! Even ending up soaking wet from the rain on the way home could not wash away the smile from my face! The ever-impressive travelling Addicks support seemed to be greater in volume than last season’s game at Brisbane Road, despite being only half the number. I wonder if that constant wall of noise came out on the Sky TV coverage.

Even at this early stage of the season, it’s certainly a common opinion that we appear to have a team better suited for League One football, and for that I must once again praise Parkinson and Mr. Murray et al. If we are to escape this back-water of English football, that’s exactly what we need. It’s encouraging to see a sizable and experienced back line - all of whom stood taller than 6ft - repeatedly heading away the bombardment of Orient balls in the second half with a welcome consistency, unity and confidence. We have creative and energetic midfielders who are prepared to get behind the ball and graft when needs must, and strikers that appear willing to run and run, even without the carrot of personal glory.

Collectively they will get better; and with that brings great hope. We may well be shy of cover in certain areas, but the signs are already there that the Addicks have the foundations of a side capable of challenging for the top 6...or perhaps better. Better still, a team made up of Charlton players who have chosen to be at this club for the long-haul.

For the second year running I’ve enjoyed my night out at the O's. Thank you and best wishes, but fingers crossed we won’t see you next season.

Never a dull moment following the Addicks, eh?

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