Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Congratulations! You Have Been Allocated Some Of The Greatest Tickets On Earth!

So the e-mail claims! For those 'lucky' people who found out they were 'successful' in receiving Olympic tickets, today was the day they would finally find out what sport they would be watching and when. From the start, the whole process seemed awfully messy and I had no patience for it. Thankfully (said with the power of hindsight) my wife made our application as she, quite rightfully, wanted our kids, if not this miserable old sod, to experience London 2012 in person.

Bizarrely, amongst our circle of friends we appear to have been the only ones who actually received some tickets!

Despite informing my missus "I wanted nothing to do with the damned process" I was asked what sport I wanted to see as she was struggling with what to apply for (no, I didn't reply with the obvious - women's beach volleyball!). Trying to be sensible about things, and in doing so, avoiding the temptation to say Mens 100m's, I decided that an event on the Olympic Park site would at least give us a day out to amble about taking in the atmosphere and other side-events, even if our chosen sport was not hugely interesting in reality. So I went for Basketball: a sport I occasionally watch on ESPN. My thinking was, given the fact we will be taking our young kids (they'll be 8 and 5 by then), that the sport is fast moving and it couldn't be more obvious what the players need to do. The rules are not complicated (at least, they don't need to be explained in detail for our kids to enjoy the game), and the sheer size of the chaps would make for a great spectacle.

So above the original result of getting tickets in the first place, I've only gone and got the exact tickets I requested: Basketball on the 29th of July!!!

Some years back, when I was a very young lad, I went to Wembley Arena to watch the Harlem Globetrotters with my Mum and Dad. It was the first time I'd ever watched Basketball and I fondly remember the razzmatazz of the event to this day. Hopefully my kids will have a memory they can hold dear from the day next year.


  1. Congratulations Ted.

    I know of someone who applied for tickets to three sets of events. I also know of many, many people who got no tickets at all, including me.

    It would have been fairer if two sets of my friend's tickets had gone to people without any at all, to spread them round a little.

    I got an email from London 2012 that I couldn't open as it was "corrupted" - not sure if that was their idea of irony!

    But I looked on the website to see that I can apply on a first come first served basis on friday - for what is left. This will be open to those without tickets and those who do and want to top up! This also seems a tad unfair!

    Pembury Addick

  2. I too received basketball tickets.
    I've also got gymnastics at the O2 & Volleyball at Earls Court.
    I opted for the last sessions of the day when most of the tourists or people with younger kids might have wanted to be heading home.
    I went for the first 5 days and nothing afterwards, as I imagined the later stages might be more popular.

    I'm quite pleased I've got basketball. Like you, I saw the Harlem Globetrotters at Wembley Arena as a youngster and when channel 4 first started broadcasting, I became mad for watching their coverage.
    I joined a basketball club and played irregularly over a period of about 3 years.
    I've also been lucky enough to watch the New York Knicks play on numerous occasions at Madison Square Garden.

    The gymnastics wasn't my choice at all.
    At least we'll be able to walk home from that one!