Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Leaving Early...

I decided to leave the Valley tonight around 15 mins before the final whistle. I wouldn't normally do such a thing but I was reasonably confident we wasn't going to make a comeback!

After all, I shouldn't feel too bad, the players hadn't turned up in the 75 mins I sat there enduring that awful excuse for a football match. So desperately bored was I that at one stage I even began thumbing through some work emails...

It may seem a little churlish to criticise Powell and the team considering our league position and results to date, but tonight they let down those fans who, like me, bothered to turn out to support them. This game may have been an inconvenience to Powell as he rightly pursues greater goals, but half-hearted performances like this, and the criticism that will undoubtably come as a result, could well prove damaging.

What a shame such an effortless performance was live on the TV.

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