Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pause For Thought...

My Mum alerted me to this story this morning: her cousin is a Doncaster fan.

It's worth a read and a momentary pause for thought for a very brave man and his family. It beggars belief how he could have managed to find the courage to play in the game, but Doncaster striker, Billy Sharp (wearing No.10 in the image above), played and scored in his sides 1-3 defeat at the hands of Middlesbrough last night, just two days after the death of his newborn son.

It certainly puts football in to perspective, but also shows the intense unity that can be found in the game as well.


  1. I glad you highlighted this Ted. Maybe the likes of Carlos Tevez might want to take a look at his own problems.

    Also nice that the ref didn't book Sharp when he took his shirt off after scoring to display a t-shirt in memory of their son.

  2. Cheers for the comment CA. I agree ref. Tevez.