Friday, 30 March 2012

Dark Thoughts...

There’s no doubt about it, I’ve not slept well this week and I don’t have to search too far within myself to realise the catalyst for my insomnia. Charlton’s recent slump has made things a little less comfortable at the top and despite trying really hard to convince myself I’m relaxed about the whole thing, I’m scared shitless that there could be a sting in the tail as this season begins to draw to an end. I like to think of myself as a ‘pint half full’ sort of chap, and there’s no doubting Charlton are in a fantastic position to gain automatic promotion, but a man’s mind can be his worst enemy at times, and I need Charlton to ease the dark thoughts tomorrow afternoon.

In truth, I doubt I’d be able to relax even if we was within a point of going up with 7 games left.

Charlton never do things easily and I don’t care for style and swagger at this stage; it’s all about gaining those vital points to get over the finishing line. That said, a decent performance wouldn’t go amiss, and asides from sending out a message to the chasing pack, it would be a boost to the Addickted who are desperate for a sign that Charlton are out of their recent slump and capable of showing the form required to escape this league.    
I’ll have a good long run in the morning and then head for The Valley, full of hope as always. I know I’ll feel better about things then. I fully expect Charlton to be too strong and focused for The O’s and 3 points would take us a quarter of the way to promotion. A Charlton win and results elsewhere are completely irrelevant.

I’ll echo the words of Al from God, Charlton & Punk Rock when I say I can’t wait for this season to end. It's like waiting to have a troublesome tooth pulled out: you know you'll feel better in the end but you've got a fair bit of pain to endure before you get there! I'm looking forward to that summer period when football doesn't matter.

Come on Charlton! So nearly there..  

Last word to Richard Murray, of whom I wish a speedy recovery. I can’t hold Mr. Murray in higher regard for what he’s done for Charlton.


  1. As long as the fans don't get on the teams back & support them we will be fine! We have the better team!

  2. Ted, you echo my feelings entirely. I can't get over how blase so many are concerning the obvious fact that based on the past few performances, Charlton is more than capable of blowing its once formidable lead and automatic promotion spot. A loss to Orient tomorrow and a win by the two Sheffield sides and they are respectively only three and five points behind with six matches to go. Accepting that the automatic promotion spot could then be lost, who knows what could happen in a playoff scenario? We really do not need another season of mediocre third-tier football and should that occur, I would seriously fear for the well-being of the club. This is not being an alarmist, this is not being a "glass half empty" type, this is being practical! Yes, let's get behind them and offer our full support, but come on Charlton, play the kind of football shown earlier in the season.