Friday, 9 November 2012

Time For A Change...

Sometimes it's small details that can have a big impact, and I wonder whether I'm the only one who feels that Charlton's No. 1, Ben Hamer, should spare a few moments to consider his apparel if we are to improve our 'goals against' tally? He won't need me to point out that 8 goals conceded in 2 games is hardly ideal, and although it would be harsh to say the least for Ben to take the blame, I think there is something he can do to improve matters.
In short...ditch the awful white 'keepers kit and go for one of those garish colours you associate with an office highlighting pen!
Before I go on, I'll point out that (like you) I detest those luminescent colours as much as Hamer hates the 'Millwall scum' (allegedly!) but they do have a significant impact on the appearance of a man's size. In essence, they make you look bigger: much, much bigger.
I was bought up in an era when goalkeepers filled their goals with bulk, facial hair and hot air (think Neville Southall), whereas our much-loved Ben, with his racing-snake physique and wispy beard, needs to exude a greater physical presence. He's OK on the anger bit, from what I see.
I've drawn an image of how Ben might look below from the view of an oncoming striker.
Admit it...if you was tearing down on goal, you'd be terrified...and ultimately miss the onion miles...much to the merriment of The Valley faithful.   


  1. Low through his legs looks the way to go!

  2. Love it Ted. You should make this a weekly segment..... Ted's sketches!