Tuesday, 12 March 2013

£440 Lighter...

It certainly doesn't feel like 12 months ago since I last parted with my hard earned savings to renew my Charlton season ticket. Doesn't time fly? Here we are at the 'business end' of the season, once again. A year back we was quietly optimistic that we would finally be making a return to the Championship, and having secured that, this time around I've renewed ever hopeful we can consolidate our place in football's 2nd tier. Hopefully by the time next years renewal date comes around, we've pushed on upwards further still! 
Charlton's poor home form this season will do little to encourage those who perhaps have tougher personal choices to make about where to spend their cash. There's no doubt about it, the Valley hasn't been the greatest place to watch Charlton this season. In fact, with only 4 home victories so far, we've got the worst home points tally in the whole league.
But I'm convinced I've been watching this game and Charlton long enough to recognise effort when I see it, and I'm fair-minded enough to understand the difference between a player who makes an honest mistake rather than a chap who doesn't give a toss. There is little debate that this playing side needs investment to improve technically, but lead by Johnnie Jackson, I cannot remember a time I've been more convinced my team are playing for the shirt.
Hopefully my £440 will go some small way in ensuring we never drop to the 3rd division ever again!

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