Sunday, 28 April 2013

World War 3...

But dear, I can't miss the game...

One sizable downside to Charlton's recent explosive form was that it was taking me on a collision course of seismic proportions. As hopes were raised for a cheeky play-off place, I was gearing up for world war 3! You see, a few months ago, when we more likely to be in a relegation battle, I gave my blessing to a weekend away with 'er Indoors and some friends. Worst still, it was billed as part of the 'celebrations' for me turning 40 this summer (not that I care). Cue great excitement as there was 'something to look forward to' on the calendar. Charlton's season would be over by then and Sir Chris and his battle-weary charges would be sunning themselves on sandy beaches...wouldn't they?

What idiot books up a weekend away at the same time as the Championship play-off final?

I'd set out my battle plans. They were simple enough. If the unthinkable happened (and God knows I was praying they would) I'd just grit my teeth, stand firm and accept the fallout like a man. If needs be I'd make a bolt for the door and I'm confident I'd out run the missus and her rolling pin! 

Anyway, thankfully for the sake of my marriage, the endless list of required permutations unsurprisingly never materialised, and peace remains in Hungry Ted Towers for now. Even if Charlton had held on for all 3 points yesterday, results elsewhere went against us. 

Not that I'm complaining. What a fantastic run we've been on of late, and how typical of Powell and his team to fill us with pride against the odds. To have even had an outside chance of the play-off's shows how far we've come. Charlton are assured of a top half finish, which is quite remarkable considering the lack of investment in the team.

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