Sunday, 20 October 2013

Just Rewards...

If you are going to set your alarm earlier than you'd normally get up for work in order to pay good money to head north to watch Charlton on your day off then you will always have my uttermost respect, especially as you'd have done so expecting the worst. Reports suggested some 200 or so hardy Addicks done just that, and each and every one of them can take as much credit for Charlton's first away victory of the season as Simon Church will for bagging the winner. I'd love to do more away days, and whilst I may not have felt like it at 6am when their pilgrimage began, I certainly envied the travelling Addicks post match. Their commitment rewarded with a vital Charlton victory.
By my quick calculations (I'm not noted for my grasp of numbers) Charlton have now earned 9 of their 10 points against top 10 opposition, with 5 of those points taken of teams inside the top 5. What all this tells us is that being the underdog clearly suits Charlton better (no great surprise, we've had enough practise). Charlton have struggled with the weight of expectation, particularly at the Valley and we will need to overcome that if we are to continue to pull away from the bottom. 
I wasn't able to follow the game until late on as I was dragging myself around a football pitch with a bunch of other ageing men unwilling to hang up their boots, but from the reports I've read and the comments on twitter, it would appear Wood was once again outstanding at the back. His inclusion in the team has coincided with a more solid defense with only one goal conceded in 3. 
For effort and commitment, Simon Church cannot be faulted. Whether or not he proves to be a 20 goals a season man is questionable, but I like him a lot. He never stops running and I'm chuffed that he got the winner yesterday. He took his goal on the volley superbly after a clever through ball by Stephens.

It was also great to see Yann and Johnnie make welcome returns to the team as second half subs, although the latter may be a tad concerned about breaking bad back in what has been a pretty impressive centre midfield of late.
After the game Blackburn's manager, Gary Bowyer commented "We've seen the goal again. I'm not sure which part of the arm it hits him but it's quite clear it's handball". I can try and understand this better, Gary has seen the incident leading up to the goal again and suggests it's 'quite clear' and yet is unsure what part of the arm it hits? Hmmm. Doesn't sound that clear to me. Clutching at straws there a little, Mr. Bowyer?

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