Monday, 9 December 2013

Deep Breath...

I guess it's not surprising that the more we allow ourselves to be exposed to social media (because, yes, we do have a choice) the greater the gulf appears between the rational and irrational fans of this club. I've taken to boycotting the Charlton timeline on twitter post-match as I often find the wild overreactions, good or bad, to be frustrating to say the least.

Where Saturday was concerned, I was as disappointed, frustrated and angry as the next man that despite looking comfortable we'd somehow managed to throw away a two goal lead in the space of a few minutes and ended up clinging on for a point, but rather than slate the team or manager, I took a big deep breath and waited for match reports or opinions from those who were actually there. There's a myriad of reasons why a game can change in a flash - inept tactics, lack of effort, bad fortune, dodgy refereeing decisions and so on.

Someone who was at the game and offers consistent rational opinion can be found here. Kyle's attempts to make sense of the way the game turned in such heartbreaking fashion is well worth the read. As he wonderfully says at the very end of his piece...'Keep The Faith'!

That's something we'll need with Derby up next at the Valley. They thrashed Blackpool 5-1 on Saturday and their good form continues under new manager, McClaren. That's 5 wins on the spin for them now and they certainly won't be fearing a visit to SE7 this Saturday. By contrast to Derby at the top, Charlton are second from bottom of the form guide.

In other news over the weekend, Charlton drew the victors of Wrexham v's Oxford United at the Valley in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Oxford have already visited us earlier this season, loosing 4-0 in the Capital One Cup. I was dreaming of an away day at Arsenal, but it wasn't to be, for this round at least.

I suppose it's about time Charlton managed to put together a decent cup run, but personally I'd rather lady luck gave us a break in the Championship...and quick sharpish!

One other story that had Addicks groaning was the revelation that our former centre-back, Sam Sodje, has been accused of match fixing along with a number of other players currently in the game. Watching the undercover video taken of Sam chatting with a man who turned out to be a Sun newspaper reporter, it's difficult to believe the allegations are not true. I liked Sam a lot and ironically he once made me a small fortune after he scored in this victory against Cardiff City back in 2007. I bet on him to score the first goal and correctly predicted the final score.

Amazing to even think I would predict a 3-0 Charlton win at any point!             

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