Friday, 31 January 2014


Never have I loved a Frenchman more. He was our Breton Warrior. He gave everything he had for us. He embodied the spirit and determination we wanted to see in our players. He wore our shirt with pride. He gave us countless special memories. He dragged us through games that would otherwise have been dead.
It was like having your big brother looking after you...
We were told he wanted to stay; that he never asked to leave. But alas, the new regime at Charlton is looking for younger faces to carry us forward. Forward? We'll see.
Even if Yann was 42 instead of 32 I'd want him on my side.  
Au revoir, Monsieur Kermorgant, et bonne chance! My heart is heavy with the news of your departure. You will be very much missed.


  1. He could have stayed; he turned down a new contract. I'm sad to see him go as much as the next person, but we survived Jose, Scottie, Claud, and Kins leaving, and we'll get through losing Yann too. COYA!

  2. You're right, Pedro. I don't know enough about the contract offered to Yann, but I heard a whisper it was on reduced wages so at his age, I really can't blame him for moving on to try and maximise his earnings in the final few years of being a pro.

    We may well have seen his best years, but I would have loved him to have seen the season out.

  3. Equally sad. Many unanswered questions, including how important was the fact that neither the old nor the new owners sorted out Sir Chris' contract. Seems clear that Yann felt loyalty to him; would he have stayed if he was confident the gaffer would stay too? Fellow Addick has already suggested the nightmare scenario of Kermit scoring for Bournemouth to send us down. May it not come to pass.

  4. Never felt so bad since Parker left. A real Charlton player with genuine love for the fans and club but he has to look after himself and his age does not fit the new Charlton approach - which may prove to be right but in the dog fight that we are in I would have felt better knowing Yann was there for us.

    That said it would appear that we are getting quality in from what I have seen and we are also getting youth and hunger. Just need them to get firing soon but without Stephens how are we going to get the ball to them?

  5. If Parker had left at the end of the season, we'd have waved him on his way, full of thanks and messages of good luck ringing in his ears.
    There was a feeling of unfinished business when he left in January. We all knew the club was pushing for a European place and without him the chance was less.
    Yann leaving now has a similar feeling.
    He's gone just when we need him to be here most. Having him around was a lift. At any time, he was just one sublime moment away from changing the game in our favour and we knew it, as did the opposition.
    I'm very, very disappointed.

  6. Spot on, Marco. I think the new owner has underestimated the importance of what it will take to dig ourselves out of trouble and the loss of Yann is a huge blow.