Sunday, 4 May 2014

All's Well That Ends Well...

As little as three weeks ago even a wordsmith like William Shakespeare would have struggled to write a happy ending to Charlton's wretched season. That home defeat to Barnsley left Charlton staring down the barrel of a gun with all hope fading fast. I said at the time that the best I could hope for is that we could go into the Blackpool game with something to play for. Since then, three wins and a draw have propelled Charlton away from danger and one glance at the final league table and I'm left wondering what all the fuss was about.    
Funnily enough, when Shakespeare wrote 'All's Well That Ends Well', the critics of the day struggled to define it as a tragic play or a dark comedy. Knowing that makes it an even more suitable title for this small reflective piece!
I can't deny that I'm glad this season is now over. It was indescribably pleasant to enjoy yesterday's brilliant result without the stress and worry that has been omnipresent all season long, but those sorts of days are rare. Loosing Chris Powell was easily the darkest moment for me and one that still hurts to this day. It always will. The drive back from Sheffield after the FA Cup quarter final defeat was truly horrible, but then again, I will remember spending the day before the game out drinking with some top Addicks as one of my highlights. Another huge disappointment for me is that the change of ownership has divided Addicks and the bickering has added to the dark clouds hanging over the club. Whether or not you believe Roland Duchatelet's intentions are sound or not - and only time will tell on that, for me - then it costs nothing to respect another man's opinions. The intolerance of some to embrace an alternative viewpoint is shocking at times.      
But there are signs that people can accept when they were wrong, none more so than with Jose Riga. I said from the outset I'd give Riga a fair chance, not least of all as he was not to blame for Powell's departure, and the way the Belgian has carried himself and embraced the Charlton spirit has meant I'd be disappointed if he wasn't in charge next season.
Perhaps one of the biggest positives is the emergence of young Diego Poyet. Perhaps one of the biggest litmus tests of Duchatelet's intentions for this club is whether he can convince Diego to sign a new contract. Just imagine Diego on a decent Valley pitch?
Likewise I'd be gutted if Hamer, Morrison and Dervite were not offered new deals. I'd also like to see more of Ajdarevic in a Charlton shirt as well. I'd happily drive Yohann Thuram-Ulien to the airport if he wishes...
So this will be the full stop to a horrible season. I plan to enjoy a Charlton hiatus for the next few months before it all starts up again.    
Many thanks to those who read my posts throughout the season and especially anyone who takes the time to comment. But my last few words are to my Mum (I know she drops by this blog every now and again), who once again has shared the highs and lows with me. Thanks Mum!   

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