Saturday, 2 August 2014


Good heavens, has it really been over 8 weeks since I last dropped by this blog? You won't have missed me, of course, but then again, if I'm honest I've not missed writing about Charlton. I can't deny it, as much as I have always loved my football, I do enjoy the close season. For a few precious months I don't need to plan my work and social life around Charlton fixtures and I can enjoy my days without worrying about football results. There's a certain novelty factor to a Saturday night untroubled by that gut-wrenching feeling of disappointment.

Towards the back end of last season I became thoroughly fed up with Charlton fans bickering amongst themselves so to coincide with the close season I decided to take a lengthy hiatus from social media. As a result, I've no idea if there is optimism ahead of the new season or not. I'm guessing there is still a fair amount of skepticism surrounding Mr. Duchatelet's long term intentions, but with costly improvements made to the Valley pitch and stadium and a number of fresh new faces added to the playing squad I would like to think we can finally put to bed this 'feeder club' nonsense. Whether or not there is credible concerns about being part of a 'network' remains to be seen, but I'm not seeing any hard evidence of it being a negative just yet and nor do I feel it has compromised Charlton's identity, for now at least. As always, I will reserve judgement until facts can be proven over speculation.

I've given Charlton's pre-season build-up nothing more than a cursory and occasional glance, but I must confess I woke this morning feeling very different. Perhaps that primeval emotion inside of me is waking from it's summer slumber, or perhaps the arrival of my season ticket yesterday has ignited a spark once again! 

Instinct is beginning to take over now the football season is edging ever closer. For a second or two, as I lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling, I even debated hopping in the car and heading down to Pompey, but a post-holiday empty wallet put an end to that idea. At the time of writing this, Charlton have just secured a 2-1 victory at Portsmouth to conclude their pre-season fixtures, with the new strikers finding the net with decent finishes by all accounts.

Next Saturday the real business begins at Griffin Park. I'm really gutted I wasn't able to get a ticket, but I can have little complaints really given my infrequent away day record. I've always loved visiting that ground even with the crippling lack of leg room in the away end upper. Last time I was there was back in 2009 when Charlton were negotiating their way through their first season in League One. Re-visiting my post following the game is a reminder of dark days I don't ever want to see again and the last two paragraphs in particular make for difficult reading.   

Anyone reading this who may have a spare for next Saturday, please let me know!!!

I have all week to shake myself off from my hibernation and ready myself for the rollercoaster ahead. Come on you Addicks! 

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