Sunday, 14 September 2014

Satisfying Statistic (the one that matters)...

Watford, with their penchant for falling over far too easily and constant moaning towards the ref, are a really difficult club to warm to these days. Changes in management doesn't seem to have changed some of their unsporting habit's on the pitch. Despite his rather odd figure, their striker Frank Sidebottom Troy Deeney is a perfect fit for the captains armband given he leads by example if the ethos at the club is to try and deceive the referee and 'win' free kicks. It's a real shame; Watford are capable of playing some really neat football at times and without the disagreeable elements of their game, should be a decent side to watch. 
There has been few things more satisfying in recent seasons than winning games of football against Watford. 
Not for the first time this season Charlton failed to dominate possession at home but still managed to top the only stat that matters, goals! Peeters preference for Charlton to play a passing game remained, and we should all encourage that, but the ball rarely stuck up top long enough to give our back four a breather. There were spells yesterday when Watford swarmed forward in such regularity that it felt just a matter of time before they'd score the equaliser, especially as the ref seemed increasingly keen to blow his whistle and point his hand towards our goal. But Charlton's back four held strong and in goal Henderson put in a MOM performance with a couple of crucial saves late on.
Yet again, Bikey-Amougou was a monster!
The most significant moment of the match came in the 3rd minute when Vetokele was bought down inside the box after a superb through-ball from Cousins. No question it was a penalty. Yoni Buyens once again calmly slotted home Charlton's spot kick against the backdrop of the away fans in the Jimmy Seed. That strike was ultimately enough to give the Addicks victory.
Seven minutes after the goal, Charlton paid their respects to our former player, David Whyte, with an emotional period of applause and a rendition of 'David Whyte, Whyte, Whyte'. A moving tribute befitting our former number 10, who's unquestionable talents left you speechless at times. Full credit to the Watford fans; they observed the moment superbly despite the game of football still being played out in front of them.  
My young son came with me yesterday and I think it was fair to say he was chuffed to bits with the sticker album that was given away free with the matchday magazine. The media lads behind this initiative deserve a huge pat on the back. There's something primeval about a boy's love of sticker albums! At the time of writing this, the lad is sat on the sofa watching the Sunday re-run of Match of The Day, clutching his sticker album jealously as if someone will steal it away if he leaves it for a single second...
Charlton up to 5th. Wolves at home on Tuesday. Another tough game ahead, but one in which we can rightly be confident of getting something from.
When is it acceptable to start looking at the league table and daring to dream?

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