Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Strength In Unity...

The Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust takes place in the Woolwich Grand Theatre tonight at 7:30pm, and for the good of our football club, I hope as many fans that can attend do so: Public Meeting. 
There is huge concern felt by the overriding majority of Addicks about Roland Duchatelet's true intentions for our club going forward, especially in the face of lies some very naïve and poorly thought-out decisions. We seek immediate clarity and better transparency. We can't expect to be told everything, granted, but there is a lack of regard for our feelings and that has left myself and many, many others feeling alienated with a club we have invested so much time and emotions with down the years. Unsurprisingly, matters on the pitch have suffered, adding to the woes. 
The football club needs to understand the depth of concern and why it has come about.
I wonder if it is just coincidence that the moment CAST began the process of bringing together concerned fans, Katrien Meire is involved in a rather strange publicity stunt Q and A with a young Charlton fan (who carried himself very well, I might add) as well as the charm offensive on show at last night's VIP meeting.
I won't dwell on things too much as I need to get some work done, but whilst I will give Meire credit for at least recognizing the concerns, I think she has some huge work ahead to regain her credibility amongst Addicks, let alone the trust of the fans she serves.   
If you are searching for a clear incentive to head out into the freezing night to attend the meeting then just take a few moments to read this from my fellow blogger, Chicago Addick: Why Wednesday in Woolwich is so important. If this doesn't make you puff out your chest in defiance and start singing 'Valley Floyd Road' with everything you've got inside of you then nothing will!
I'll see you there tonight. Remember, there is strength in unity...

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