Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Desire Is Different To Yours, Roland...

I was dreading it's arrival, and today the season ticket renew forms dropped through my letterbox, tugging at my heart strings like lead weights. I picked up my young son's letter first. He would have been made up to have received something addressed to him, especially with Johnnie roaring away triumphantly on the front cover, flanked by two legends he's heard loads about down the years from his old man. But after I took the image for the benefit of this piece, had a quick read through out of sheer curiosity, both pamphlets were put into the recycling bin.
Remember that emotional letter sent by Mr. Slater that accompanied the 2011 renewal forms? None of that this time. No reflective or apologetic words from Meire following an utterly atrocious, lamentable and deeply harmful season that will end in relegation. No attempts to make amends and rebuild the bridges she has destroyed through breathtakingly poor management over the last two years.
Nothing too from Roland following his demented outburst a week or so back. He's shown just what he thinks of the fans when they threaten the application of his grand plan: whatever that might turn out to be.
For the first time in nearly two decades, I'm not renewing.
The opening line suggest "Next season we want fans like you to get behind the team more than ever and make a difference". Well, Roland and Katrien, do you know what I want? Do you know what I think would make a difference? For you two to leave my club forever. Until you do I won't allow myself to get treated like a customer or a mug. I will not renew, but I will not walk away either. This is my club and I will not give it up easily. 
Sadly, everything coming out of Charlton at the moment is met with cynicism, and the 'My Only Desire' mantra is no exception. Clearly Roland's desire for Charlton is a lot different to mine. 
Never has the chasm between club and fans been greater, and it will not improve under this management. So much so, early figures suggest those taking up season tickets are at an all-time low at comparable stages to other years.
And all this on the same day that CARD brilliantly took the protests to a new level by targeting a meeting between club and potential sponsors based at both Sparrows Lane and The Valley. By all accounts, the event was poorly attended with just four of the twenty potential sponsors showing up, and two of those were clearly disgruntled and looking for answers. One Addicks who gave up his time to join the picket line was fellow blogger, Brian, and he explains how the day went here.


  1. Brilliantly put, Ted. I think you speak for many of us. Like your forms, ours went in the bin. Sad days indeed.

  2. When I receive my form I won't put it in the recycling bin, I'll simply post it back to The Valley with a suitable note scribbled on the envelope... sad days indeed.