Monday, 14 November 2016

Zombie Club...

As those heroes pictured above were taking the protests direct to Roland's own Belgian back yard (complete with a wonderfully decorated London cab), back home Talksport's Jim White continued to give the crisis much-appreciated air time with another discussion on his lunchtime show.  
Within the conversation financial columnist and football writer, Matt Scott, described Charlton as a "sad, sad situation" before suggesting Charlton was once "one of the finest places to go in London" and had since become a "husk of a club". Most heartbreakingly accurate of all his observations, Matt described Charlton as a "Zombie club, drifting around in the 3rd tier of English football".
Matt came across as knowledgeable and hugely sympathetic of our plight, noting the failure of Duchatelet's strategy and the irreparable situation going forward under this ownership.
The full segment from Jim's show can be found here.
Roland was said to be 'very unhappy' that Charlton fans had come over to Belgium intent on embarrassing him and interrupting his 70th birthday celebrations. I cannot praise my fellow Addicks enough for whatever personal sacrifices they made in making this trip, and I hope to God it's rattled our owner into careful reflection.
I won't hold my breathe, but the war of attrition continues apace. Roland's 'very unhappy' does not even come remotely close to how I feel about what my club has become.   

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