Thursday, 7 January 2010

Oh Snow, Not Again....!!

OK, it's not much of a snowman, and arguably I could have done better, much better. I have many times in the past. Last year's one had arms fashioned in to it's upper-torso and legs protruding outwards from the base as if to suggest the snowman was taking a well-earned rest (not that snowman typically have legs, of course, and nor do they generally need to rest, as far as I'm aware). The year before that I made a snowman that required the snow off my neighbours lawns it was that big! I try and ensure the facial features give character to the snowman, defining it as male or female and different to those around it. My kids are carefully managed throughout the construction process to ensure there are no random lumps of snow placed in areas that don't require it. God help me, I encourage my little girl to name them!

None the less, the inclusion of the Charlton scarf hints to what was perhaps on my mind whilst helping my kids create this sub-zero, sub-standard snowman creation!

As my two kids are at that 'right' age to get an instant buzz off the arrival of snow, I greatly value those relatively spontaneous family moments. But when it threatens a Saturday afternoon at the Valley, I take a very different view. However unlikely it looks at the moment, I want Saturday's game on. I think most Addicks have been slightly unnerved by Norwich and Colchester's reluctance to leave us alone. I haven't lost faith one bit, I just think a game Saturday, culminating in a good performance and a win would settle us all down a tad. Financial problems may limit the positive activity in SE7 this month, but I am more than confident we have the manager, players and most certainly the fans to push forward to a genuine promotion challenge.

Not least of all, what else do I do on a Saturday? Saturday's are for football, not for shopping. I'd rather run a hoover around the house than go shopping.

The only plus is that I think a postponement of the entire League One fixture card looks likely, meaning teams relevant to our position woundn't be able to edge closer or further away, in the case of Norwich and Leeds.

Another slight plus is another Tuesday night game at the Valley. Night games always seem to generate a better atmosphere and with the added bonus of less away support, the odds look better for a home win.

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