Friday, 5 February 2010

Llera Los Left Back??

Just a thought, but could Llera do a job at left back? I appreciate he may not be a natural there, but with just a little bit of tweaking, in the same way Herman ‘The Herminator’ Heriderson made the switch from notable centre-back to left-back, I believe it could work. In fact, in Herman’s case, he made the switch with such aplomb that most would recognise that as his natural position now. They’re not too dissimilar in many ways both in stature and playing style. Llera could even be taught to snarl like HH!

I get the impression that within Llera there could well be a galloping left sided player waiting to burst out. Granted he has the odd dodgy slice of the ball here and there, but most importantly, he clearly shows confidence and a desire to have the ball at his left foot: something he’d have a lot more of at full back. He could be a decent attacking asset with a bit more freedom going forward as well. I can just picture him now: neat one two’s with Reid, quality diagonal cross-field passes to Sam/Wagstaff, far post headers hitting the back of the net as he runs the length of the pitch on the counter-attack!

I can’t imagine he’d put up too many defenses (pardon the pun) if asked to play at full back as you’d have to hope he’d be keen to get a start.

Consider the back line of Richardson, Dailly, Sodje, Llera los Left Back!

Worth a go?


  1. Nice idea, but HH played there for much of his career, and wasn't so much "switched". I think in an emergency it could work, but he doesn't have HH's pace, power, or stamina to get up and down the line. Mind you, I'd be happy to try anything if it got us a result; Llera los centrali striker?


  2. Llera Left Back = NO!