Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Ego Has Landed...

So, the man with the biggest ego in football has somehow landed a contract for 5 years at Newcastle! God help them! Quite how he does it I don't know, but I can safely predict his interview patter is clearly far better than his team talks.

It certainly looks like the post is not a popular one with seemingly universal surprise and amazement at this appointment. He'll be on an up-hill battle from the off.

Thankfully, I see no need to watch Match Of The Day these days so I'll not have to endure Pardew's smug face blaming everyone else but himself when things go wrong (and they sure as hell will) but taking all the credit with that annoying grin when things go well.

Oh, and watch out for the new round If there's one thing I do admire Pardew for, it's his obvious love for a good quality timepiece. All those sackings have paid off in some way, at least.

As Charlton began slipping dangerously down the Championship, I completely lost faith and respect for Pardew when he wrote a piece in the Charlton matchday programme (following a heavy home defeat from a team I can't quite recall at this moment) 'reassuring' us all that he wasn't about to leave us despite our worryingly poor form. I've never read such a disgraceful piece of writing that clearly attempted to distancing himself from Charlton's descent down the league, which, as we all know only too painfully, lead to relegation. Thankfully, as he wrote that piece with his head firmly stuck up his own back-side, he was unaware that Mr. Murray was sharpening the knife and printing off his P45. Good riddance!

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