Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hungry Ted - A 12 Month Retrospective...

Normally - such is my patience for such things - anything that involves 'signing up' or 'registering as a user' pretty much counts me out, so it still surprises me to this day that I overcome the hassle of doing so to create this Hungry Ted blog exactly 12 months ago today. I've long since enjoyed the written word and I'm certainly not without opinion (as I keep getting told by my Father-in-Law), but my life as a 'blogger' started out as one of those completely spontaneous moments born out of one of those afternoons where I had nothing much better to do.

On the whole, I've really enjoyed the creative experience of having a blog.

I very rarely look back over my ramblings (why would I?), but last night I flicked briefly over my 50 odd posts and if I'm bluntly honest, it was an odd experience. As a seasoned Addick I shouldn't have been surprised really, but the ever-changing moods ranging from optimism, delirium, frustration, disappointment and anger was very strange to read back and quite tough to do so on occasions (particularly the 'Dark Clouds Leads To Fair Weather Blogging' in February). If nothing else, it's made me realise why my missus has long since given up trying to understand my Addick-related mood-swings and how hard it must be to put up with them with seemingly never ending tolerance.

There are plenty of fellow Charlton bloggers offering numerous angles on all-things-Addicks and it's a tad difficult to set yourself apart when commenting on one subject (with the exception of Cometh the Haddock, perhaps). Despite the all-to-familiar low moments (where genuine emotion takes over, I guess) I have attempted to keep things positive, light-hearted, honest and all without trying too hard to force out a post for the sake of it. I have purposefully avoided match reports, not least of all as I figure that the majority of people who read my posts will have attended the games anyway and don't need me to state once again what they saw for themselves.

Ironically, if I could direct you to read just one of my posts then it would be one that is not related to Charlton at all. Towards the end of May I wrote 'My World Cup Memories - Part One, Spain 82' and of anything I've written, it is that post that I take some great personal pride in as I felt I got the emotion of what I wanted to say over completely.

It goes without saying that the one post I quite literally dream of writing is one that will sum up how I feel following a promotion. My fingers are poised, my mind has already got it mapped out!

Rather predictably, I will end this post by thanking anyone who has bothered to read anything I've written in the last 12 months, and more so, those who have taken the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated.

Onwards and upwards to a more prosperous 2011.....Come on you Addicks!!!!!


  1. Well done Ted and happy anniversery. That Spain 82 post was one of my favorites too.

    I am 6.5 years into my Blogging 'career' (whichhas not earnt me a penny :-)) and there has been some rocky roads and plenty of bloggers block but I still somehow find the time and passion to write. Keep up the great work.

  2. Congrats Ted:
    Always an interesting read.
    Let's hope your 'Hunger' is satisfied by some success at the end of the season.

  3. Thanks Chaps...