Monday, 1 August 2011

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Another two new players in...and another quick visit to Google Images to see what they look like! That's no discredit on their reputation or standing as footballers, but more to do with my knowledge of the lower leagues (or rather lack of it). I don't want to have a vast knowledge of the lower leagues, if truth be told. and now I will make a positive statement of intent for the new season! Given the opening sentence of my post I would normally follow it up with a lament about how far we've fallen that players are signed to my club that I wouldn't recognise if I bumped in to them on Floyd Road. Not any more! Positive thinking from here on inwards!

So with the arrival of the versatile and experience (as I'm led to believe) Andy Hughes, comes the 15th signing at the Valley this summer. With just 5 days to go to the new season, it is certainly far beyond the re-build I was expecting. Most encouraging. In fact, having not attended any pre-season games, it's likely I'll be clutching the reverse of the matchday programme throughout the game on Saturday to make sure I correctly identify my Wiggins from my Taylor's!

Like many others that have commented throughout the summer, I've not know a close-season like it and it certainly whets the appetite for the new season. Well done to Chris Powell (I suspect he has had more say in the new faces than some may like to give him credit for), Slater and Jimenez. Now we need to be patient and see if Powell can create a promotion winning team from this group of players. I think it's fair to say it won't happen over night and the tough looking start to the season isn't ideal, but the lengthier contracts handed out to younger players would suggest that success is not expected instantly, but rather this is a longer term plan. All of which is fine, as long as the signs of progression are there.

I've not been overly active on the blogging front over the close-season break. I've been really busy at work, but not least of all I do make a very deliberate effort to avoid football as much as possible in the close-season. I spend far, far too much time worrying about things when it all kicks of so I really do take advantage of the break. I have to say, when I do dip in to check on all things Addickted, the standard of the numerous Charlton-related blogs has been excellent. It says a lot that I no longer feel the need to move around the internet and instead just follow the regular and highly reliable posters...links found on the right-hand side of this site. The views I do not always share, but a unified passion for the Addicks is what links us all.

On the face of it, I'm about ready to jump on the rollercoaster once again. Onwards and upwards...Come on you Addicks!

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