Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rumbling Tummy...

I've just read the results of the BBC's Price of Football Survey which was taken across all divisions from the Premier League down. Interesting to a point, but hardly revolutionary stuff. It stands to reason that northern clubs will be cheaper days out whilst London and the south will be more expensive. Some of the figures may raise an eyebrow or two, not least of all the fact Leyton Orient are the most expensive club in League One from a spectator's point of view.

The figures are based on certain purchases an adult fan would typically make on a matchday: ticket, programme, pie and a cup of tea. Amazingly - and I'd honestly not considered this before - when I read this piece I realised that in 17 years of watching football regularly at the Valley, I have never once bought a pie or a cup of tea from any source inside the ground. Not once. Never. That extends to beer, Bovril, chocolate or anything else edible or drinkable for that matter (I would argue - without even trying it - that the beer / larger on offer is so sub-standard that the term 'drinkable' is stretched to the very limit).

For some odd reason I'm quite pleased with myself. 17 years...beat that!!!!

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  1. Presumably that accounts for your name? Dave.