Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Restless Mind...

I'm wide awake at a time I should be asleep. In fact, I've been awake for the last hour and a bit: since 05:50am to be exact. My mind is racing. Thoughts of today's game make a nice gentle snooze impossible.

But I love days like these. No, I should have said I live for them.

The feeling of excitement and hopeful expectation mixes uncontrollably with the fear of failure. It's no surprise my mind won't rest.

I stare into the darkness of my bedroom, but before me is the most vivid images of Yann rising at the back stick to power home a cross from Wiggins or BWP scissor-kicking one into the roof of the net.

I've read all the most recent Charlton blogs two times over and take great comfort that so many Addickted believe today will bring yet another victory. I smile when I read Solly's signed a contract extension. He typifies the real Charlton spirit.  

Sheffield United at home: it's a heavyweight clash that seems out of place in the third tier of English football, played out in front of a gate that most Championship sides would be envious of (especially our neighbours).

I'll be wishing the time away until just before midday, when I'll make my descent down to the Valley...

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