Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Even Stephens...

If points were awarded for persistence then Charlton would be home and dry as far as promotion is concerned. What was lacking tonight in quality was made up for in a stubborn desire to avoid defeat when it seemed all-ends-up like we was heading for 'one of those nights'.

The cultured Stephens played the Addicks 'get out of jail free' card in such glorious fashion and so late on that some fans may have already headed for the exit, but few could rightfully argue we didn't deserved something from the game. 

Bury stuck to their task and actually showed some desire to get forward on occasions, although any credit for this is negated in part by the keeper's incessant time wasting. Perhaps only marginally less frustrating than the referee D'Urso's refusal to deal with it.

The introduction of Haynes for the ineffective Clarke with just 15 mins to go changed the balance of Charlton's forward play enormously and left me wondering why Powell had chosen the later over the former to start the game. Moreover, I don't really see what was gained from resting BWP, and I can't imagine BWP was particularly pleased about it either if he was fit to play. Numerous balls fizzed across the Bury goalmouth throughout the game, begging for a Charlton boot to send it goalwards. BWP would have had a field day!

Above everything, one real disappointment for me was the gate; just 13,264 to be exact. It would appear there are still a good few fans that are not committed enough to turn out on a freezing night despite the Addicks being top of the league by a margin nobody could have predicted last August. 

So we settle for a point that feels like a victory in the manor it came about. Come the season end it could well prove to be a vital point and a very special goal that will live long in the memory. It's those sort of bright moments that make braving the freezing cold worthwhile, and I'm proud to say I was there, as I always will be.


  1. Great report, Hungry. Wish I'd been there to see the goal.
    Iberian Valley

  2. Thanks for the comment IB. Always appreciated.