Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tuesday Night Horror Show...

With my missus out of the house for the evening I decided to sit down and watch a subtitled indie-Swedish film of which I'd read good reports but unsurprisingly had passed the mainstream by when it first came out back in 2008. No, it was not that type of Swedish film, it was a dark but strangely beautifuly romantic vampire movie called 'Let The Right One In' (great ending, by the way). My missus just doesn't have the patience for subtitled films, and either way, she's not into the horror genre at all.

The thing is, I just can't listen to Charlton on the radio. It always seems like we lose when I do. I was confident we should be too strong for Chesterfield, but I needed to keep my mind off the game a little and watching a film seemed the best option. Fat chance! I lasted just 20 mins before checking the score, and then my eyes would rapidly shift nervously from TV to iPhone for the remainder of the film / match. Question was, would my night of horror extend to matters at the B2net Stadium?

Thankfully not. Just as the young-but-likable, blood thirsty vampire was ripping apart her victims, the mighty Addicks were tearing apart the Chesterfield defence. Quite how many goals will be credited to BWP in the end is irrelevant in my book (it could be a hatrick, or possibly just one). The fact is he's getting in the right positions to give himself a chance to score and I am chuffed to bits his (and our) patience has proved fruitful. Once again, top marks to the clubs Twitter feed, which is an invaluable an instant link to proceedings if you're not fortunate enough to be there in person and don't have the stomach for the radio coverage. Top marks to the 710 Addicks who were there: they were well rewarded.

Charlton continue to power forward relentlessly in their quest to return to the Championship and asides from promotion, winning the league must now be a real possibility. I continue to pinch myself.

The prospect of nightmares wiped away by the dreams of promotion!

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