Wednesday, 2 January 2013

London Pride...

There really is an unsightly side to Watford, and I'm not referring to the awkward arrangement of disused terraces and stands alongside one flank of the pitch! The 'Golden Boys' bought a disgraceful level of play-acting and histrionics upon every challenge that must have been an embarrassment to the home crowd, who, other than cheer their goals, made little effort to get behind their team. I was surprised at quite how bad the theatricals were and given that it was across the whole side (although Forestieri and Neuton outshone everyone) perhaps the saddest part is it would appear this unsavoury element is being coached into them as a team. Strange really, as I don't recall Gianfranco Zola as being that sort of player. In fact, quite the opposite. When other foreign imports were writhing around after featherweight challenges it was he who would make every effort to carry on playing football. It's what we admired about the player. And don't even get me started on the time-wasting...
Taking the above in to account, quite honestly, never has a result been so satisfying!
Yesterday was one of those games that will long live in the memory. It ebbed and flowed as the goals went in, with Charlton's sheer refusal to give up the trump card on the day. 4-3 to Charlton...who predicted that? What an honour it was to be amongst the travelling Addicks, who, lead by the much-maligned Red Division boys down the front of the away section, were in fine form.
I'm assuming you followed the action in some form, but if you're interested, match reports can be found via various sources here. Charlton's 4th and eventual winner came from our leader and captain, Johnnie Jackson (above), with a bullet header following a decent corner from Stephens. After the game Jackson commented via his twitter account that he was "so proud to skipper this group of lads". Top bloke!
I noticed a few rumours floating around late last night regarding one or two Premiership teams wanting to take iron-lunged Pritchard. It's silly season again and I suppose it's a compliment to how well Bradley has been doing this season that he's being noticed (of course, it's far more likely the stories are completed nonsense). Like Solly and Stephens in the last transfer window, Pritchard must not be allowed to leave.
Post-match I was fortunate enough to enjoy a good few beers with Marco, Al Gordon, Crispy and Jim McGinty in Watford and then back at Euston.  Never has a pint of London Pride tasted so good. Cheers for inviting me along, chaps, it topped off a thoroughly enjoyable day out

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