Friday, 4 January 2013

Welcome Distraction...

OK, I understand it's not the most glamorous of ties, but it is the FA Cup 3rd round and it is at the Valley! Just think, you could be a Huddersfield supporter who has a daunting seven hour round trip (at best) to watch us just six weeks after making the same journey to SE7 in the league. After all, the groan was just as audible in West Yorkshire as it was in South London when our two numbers were drawn from the hat. 
On the back of a great result at Watford, I personally think a distraction from the rigours of the Championship should be welcomed. No, I am not trying to convince myself; I am genuinely looking forward to the game on Saturday. And so should you!

Either way, whether you're looking forward to it or not, you should still go and back the team. Never once in close to two decades of attending games at the Valley have I ever made a decision not to attend a game based on the fixture or opposition alone. I just can't think that way.   

With league consolidation the priority, this game might represent a chance for Sir Chris to try out a few fresh faces. Perhaps David Button will be preferred to Hamer in the onion bag, Taylor may finally make a return in defence, Midfielders Cook and Wagstaff might get long awaited starting roles and BWP may be unleashed up top once again. Of course, where Taylor, Wagstaff and BWP are concerned, their absence from the matchday squad may hint to possible exits from the Valley altogether as they avoid being cup-tied to weaken their stock. 

Huddersfield haven't won a game since beating Barnsley 1-0 in mid-November and we've not been on the best run ourselves. Our excellent win at Watford should hopefully prove a turning point and we should be looking to make the 4th round draw, when, you never know, we may get one of those 'big' Premiership superstars!

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