Monday, 30 September 2013

100% Support Required...

It's not easy to look forward to a trip to the Valley at the moment. Our home form has been woeful for some time and with victories rarer than a Charlton clean sheet (almost) the floating fan has seemingly long since found something else to do as attendances continue to fall. The visit of high-flying Nottingham Forest tomorrow already looms ominously, and with few hopeful of a good result I can't see the real attendance getting above 13,000. Personally, the Valley under floodlights is always magical in my eyes!

The one good thing about a trip to the Valley mid-week is those fans who do make the effort tend to be the die hards who will back the team unconditionally, and boy do Charlton need the support. Another defeat last Saturday, Charlton's 5th of the season and 3rd in a row, is disappointing enough without the irrational idiots calling for Powell's head and hammering a team ravaged by injury and low on confidence. Hopefully those negative fools will stay away.

It's a sobering thought for me to accept that when Powell eventually leaves Charlton (whether pushed or by choice) I am unlikely to ever see a manager in charge of my club with whom I will hold such high regard. That's not to say Powell is without faults or limitations at this early stage of his career, but I have nothing less than 100% confidence he has the best interests of Charlton at heart. Powell must accept the criticism when he gets a tactical decision wrong, but my view is that he works admirably with the cards he's dealt. Our squad is arguably weaker than when we competed in League One and our current owners clearly don't have the finances to invest in the team. Worst still, the rumours continue questioning the owners ability to even finance the running of the club.

But a sense of perspective is always good in life, and after finding out an old friend had reached such personal depths that he took his own life on Saturday morning it seems insensitive and ludicrous to complain about another average Addicks performance leading to yet another defeat. But the reality is that Charlton's fortunes have a huge impact on my mind state and mood, and I certainly need a lift at the moment, hopefully starting tomorrow night.

And how we need a repeat of that glorious and unforgettable night at the Valley back in early November last year, when, despite going two goals down early in the game, a partisan Charlton crowd roared the team on with a relentless wall of noise to inspire a memorable against-the-odds victory v's Cardiff. One of those 'I was there' games, for sure.

Take note of that night if you're tempted to stay away simply because you can't be bothered. I hope you miss a cracker. That night was proof if ever you needed it that supporting the team gets results.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend Ted. Without going into detail I fully appreciate how your feel as it's a terrible thing and you can't help but wonder if you could have done something to help. The reality is that in my experience probably not but it doesn't make any of it any easier of course. I think in certain circumstances people feel so alone even if in reality they aren't but for whatever reason they can't see a way out. As you say it's things in perspective. My sincerest condolences.