Thursday, 5 September 2013

Solly Good News...

Wow! We never saw that one coming. Charlton Athletic broke the news today that talismanic youth product and twice Player of The Year, Chris Solly, has signed a new contract until 2017. As far as news stories go, this is massive. With most fans predicting Chris would be sold in the recent transfer window, this is better than anything we could have expected. Addicks cannot smile wide enough. 
Solly, who has played over 100 games for Charlton, is hugely popular and has represented in glorious fashion that true 'Charlton spirit' that dragged us out of League One and consolidated our position in the Championship last year. He's been a little out of form lately, but it's likely the uncertainty about his future may have played a significant part in that. Hopefully this deal will settle him down.
There has been so much skepticism of Slater and Jimenez lately, not least of all speculation we are skint and heading on a downward spiral. I've stayed quiet on the doom and gloom as I prefer to deal in facts not speculation and rumour, and there's little doubt they've not helped themselves with poor communication to the fans, but this surely pours scorn that we're broke as 4 year deal with inevitable bonuses etc don't come cheap. Quite what resonance this development has to the issues surrounding the club's board, ownership and finance only time will tell, but I will be hoping this will be the first of many new contracts issued by the club to our key players. God knows it needs to be with so many out of contract come the season end.
Already on Twitter some folk are speculating as to whether this means Charlton have had some sort of cash injection. It's too early to say and we should guard against getting carried away, but there is little doubt this is a very positive story.


  1. Great news indeed - as long as the contract is not in place to secure a better fee.

  2. Anon - Thanks for the comment. I can't believe that could be the motive otherwise it would have been a shorter deal. Committing to a 4 year deal is a greater financial burden / risk to the club if Solly’s form was to dramatically drop, or he was to suffer a long term injury (God forbid) and other clubs lost interest.

    Let’s be positive about this - fingers crossed more will follow.