Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sausages & Sunday Morning Doodles...

I wasn't at Birmingham yesterday so I can't offer much in the way of comment other than to state the obvious, which is that it was a much-needed victory and another spirited performance, by all accounts. One thing's for sure, my beer tasted good last night. Reports from fellow bloggers can be found here over the next day or so.
But...what I can offer you today is an average doodle of our Skipper, as drawn by myself whilst I waited for my bangers to cook in the frying pan in readiness for a sausage sarnie (brown sauce by the way, Danny). The subject matter for the sketch was kind enough to comment that it was a "good effort" soon after I posted it on twitter, but then went on to say "[that's a] Hell of a gob I've got on me". Sorry Johnnie, I was concentrating on my sausages as well... 
I was at that Peterborough game, stood more or less in front of Johnnie after he equalised in the second half, and it's one of my favourite pictures of our captain. The original photo can be found down the left hand side of this blog so you can pick holes in my effort if you wish.

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