Saturday, 30 November 2013

Two Steps Back...

This week has seen all sorts of rumours flying around of impending take-overs and speculation on who the new owners might be at Charlton. As tempting as it is to allow one's self to be even a little bit excited at the prospect of a new club owner with an injection of cash, in typical Charlton fashion, any hint of positivity is well and truly counteracted by dark rumours that players and staff have not been paid this month and the money problems are finally coming to a head.  
Just like off the pitch, on it Charlton seem to be taking one step forward and two steps back.
It's quite hard to put your finger on quite why it never went right for Charlton today, other than to say we appeared sluggish and half a yard off the pace. Up front we looked as blunt as ever. A limited plan A and no plan B. The weight of expectation inside the Valley continues to be a hindrance to Powell's men. 
We can't rely on wonder goals every game. I can't even remember the last time I saw two back-to-back Addick wins.
Ipswich, on the other hand, showed all the classic hallmarks of a Mick McCarthy team; well organised and pretty uninteresting to watch. They won't care and why should they? Within 5 mins their early pressure had got them a goal and having done their homework on us, they would have rightfully been confident that would be enough to win the game. It was. Credit to the travelling Tractor Boys who packed out the Jimmy Seed and made an atmosphere for an otherwise pretty flat Valley.
I'm really clutching at straws for positives today, but credit where credit is due, Charlton's media team produced a great matchday programme (or magazine, as they call it) which replicated the cover from the first game back at the Valley some 21 years ago. It was a nice touch and well received by Addicks.
Looking forward to the next two games, I can't see us getting much from Tuesday's game at Reading, who beat Forest away last night, and Yeovil looks an ominous journey to make next Saturday given their surprising 3-0 victory at Watford today. Is it too early to talk of 6-pointers? No, I didn't think so. 
There can be little question we are fighting for our lives down the bottom and the big question will be whether the take-over happens quickly enough (or at all, of course) to allow for much needed investment in January. Even then, there's no guarantee that incoming players will be able to have the instant impact we require.
In the meantime, we can do nothing more than back the players we have...and hope.

If I could just have a pound for every ruined Saturday night!      


  1. Seven and a half months HT, but it seems years - Leeds 2-1 and Barnsley 6-0 home and away; April 13th. In fact we won 3 in a row at home, Bolton, Leeds and then Wolves. No, it hasn't cheered me up either!
    Thanks for the report.
    Iberian Valley

  2. Cheers as always for the comment, IB. What's happened to your blog these days????