Sunday, 23 February 2014

Heading to Heaven...

Cast your minds back to Wembley in '98 and that agonising extra time. Charlton are 4-3 down and Steve Brown puts in a well timed crunching challenge dead centre of the pitch about 25 yards out, winning the ball cleanly. That tackle played a hugely significant part in the build-up to Charlton's equaliser and Mendonca's hatrick goal. You might say it was the greatest ever Charlton tackle; one that has as much beauty as Mendonca's wonderful finish. If you wasn't luck enough to be at the Valley yesterday, then all you need to do is picture that challenge in your minds eye, then replace the man's man figure of Brown (he never let's you down) with the ladies man, Diego Poyet, and you will have a complete replica. And just like '98, yesterday's crunching challenge was perfect in it's execution and lead to glory! What a moment.

Breaking Goal News via the club's
Twitter feed...
If I could have a pound for every time someone has questioned how I still find the desire to go to watch Charlton after all these years and all those dark days and disappointments then I would be a rich man. In truth, I never attempt an answer. I don't need to for a start and by them even asking the question in the first place I know they wouldn't understand. Perhaps if they'd been at the Valley yesterday they'd begin to get it.

When absolutely everything inside of you wishes with all your heart for your team to get a break, get a goal, the moments when it happens is the best feeling ever. Nothing is better. Nothing. And for our winning goal to come deep in stoppage time, after a proper Charlton performance full of heart and passion, makes it even sweeter. QPR head back to West London having had nearly two thirds of possession but not a single shot on target.

Hard work and passion beat our super-rich neighbours. Love it!

Once again, Johnnie sent the Valley into total and utter delirium before launching himself head first into the Covered End. The man is a legend of the very highest order. Watch the goal here again...and again...and again! Johnnie's emotional embrace with Powell at the end of the game was enough to leave me glassy eyed, I don't mind admitting. Those two are Charlton men, through and through.

The dark days are taken on the chin for moments like that. You never know how long it will be until the next one comes around so I'll keep the smile on my face for as long as I possibly can. Joe from ValleyTalk summed it up perfectly when he said 'It was the best moment at the Valley since promotion'.

I was honestly still shaking when I got home an hour later.

And so hope has returned. It might not have had much impact on the league table, but based on yesterday's performance I think we could have enough to make our games in hand count. Poyet once again shone. Selling Stephens has been quickly forgotten. Wilson was superb down the right, particularly towards the end of the second half. We all need to be more patient and certainly more supportive of Thuram-Ulien. The ironic 'cheers' are not helping. He deserves a chance.

On to Sheffield on Monday night for a big cup game. Perhaps this wretched season may have a happy ending after all.


  1. Superbly articulated Ted. Sorry I missed you and Marco. We were down the other end from the garden under the telly. Next time..

  2. Cheers CA. Hopefully our paths will finally cross when you're over next...perhaps for a Wembley semi-final!