Wednesday, 9 April 2014

He's Better Than Gus...

Pre-match my belly was twisted with nerves. It had been like that all day. With no disrespect intended to Yeovil in any way (and I genuinely mean that), it's a sad reflection on the fortunes of my club that this fixture was so important. It was a game with occasional moments of skill and at times it was woefully scrappy, but there was so much at stake. The proverbial 'six pointer'. Charlton's mental resolve appears in decent shape despite the relentless run of games and the players continue to display Powell's fighting spirit.
Sordell had perhaps his best game in a Charlton shirt, particularly in the second half, and deserved to toe-poke his goal home. Let's hope it ignites a fire in his belly for more. At the back, Dervite looked solid alongside Wood. Ajdarevic's excellent early goal was proof if ever you needed it that there is life in that famous old Curbishley quote after all.
And then there's Diego...
"He's better than Gus, He's better than Gus, Diego Poyet is better than Gus" 
Considering how quickly Riga has adopted the 'red and white army' chant it's about time the Covered End granted young Diego Poyet a song. The hugely impressive midfielder, celebrating his 19th birthday yesterday, once again showed us what we will miss next season if he fails to sign a new contract. Sadly, the harsh reality is this boy is destined for much bigger things than Charlton Athletic can offer him long-term.
It was great seeing the colossal Cort back in a Charlton shirt. Let's hope Solly will follow sooner rather than later. One thing Riga would have learnt from last night is, however willing, Morrison is not a right back and we will all be hoping Wilson's protective mask makers can put in the overtime ready for Saturday.
Talking of which, by virtue of a wonderful coincidence (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) we have made plans to visit our friends in Brighton this weekend. I'll distract treat 'er Indoors to a few quid so she can mooch around The Lanes for a few hours Saturday afternoon whilst I visit the AMEX stadium for the first time, albeit sat undercover in the home end on my mate's borrowed season ticket. Brighton took advantage of the heavy heads of Leicester last night and came away with a 4-1 victory, so I will go with low expectations. With this Charlton team, you just never know.
I've been very deliberately avoiding the Charlton hashtag lately for the good of my own sanity, but I did dip in briefly yesterday post-match. It's really disappointing to see that Addicks continue to bicker amongst themselves with the divide between those happy to 'move on' and those who are not appears deeper than ever. Both factions growing more stubborn and resilient as time goes on, it would appear. Mr. Duchatelet needs to understand that his new ownership has created this divide, whether intended or not, and he has total responsibility to resolve it. For the good of this football club, let's hope the future is made a little clearer sooner rather than later.
Oh, and please spare a thought for the poor chap I sit next to at the Valley. He had placed a bet on Astrit to score the first goal and Charlton to win 3-1. That meaningless Yeovil consolation cost him nearly £900 notes!!!! Fair play to him, he even said he'd have traded it for 3 points anyway.    

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