Thursday, 3 April 2014

Same Again, But Less Pain (please)...

On the very day Chris Powell got sacked my season ticket renewal forms dropped through my letter box like an ill-timed and badly thought through punchline to a very, very sick joke. As if the blow of loosing Sir Chris and feeling like the heart and soul was being ripped out of my football club wasn't enough, there I was being chased for more money for the bloody privilege of 'enjoying' this sort of disappointment on an unreasonably regular bases.
It has been a truly wretched season - one I'll be very glad to see the back of - but already I'm being asked to turn my attention to next season.
I know, I do have a choice, I don't have to renew my season ticket. Except I do. I'm not going to kid myself; I simply wouldn't know what to do without Charlton or the Valley.
The true direction of my club at the hands of Mr. Duchatelet remains a hot topic for speculation, but for now, until proved otherwise, all we can do is hope he has intentions that will satisfy his quest to somehow make money whilst eventually giving us success on the pitch.
At the very least, I want to recognise the efforts of the players. I want to see that Charlton spirit that has got us out of more difficult situations than money and 'European models' ever will. I want to be able to back that team on the pitch come what may, not doubt their desire for my club. Tuesday night at Leeds, just as at Forest the week before, were proper Charlton performances. The signs are there that the spirit remains post-Powell. What a relief. Hope yet we might survive.
I don't want Mr. Duchatelet or Meire's desire for an all-new-and-improved 'matchday experience' to take anything away from what I love about going to the Valley. Granted I've heard good reports about the hot dogs on the East stand concourse, but you bring in goal music next season and that may well be a tipping point for me.  
Mr. Duchatelet, I respectfully urge you to understand what being a regular supporter of Charlton means to me and many, many others. It is because of that I parted with £520 notes yesterday for two prime location seats for me and my boy. I've sat in that same seat long before the glorious Premiership years and the dark days that have followed. My boy is new but he's the future of this club if he remains an Addick.

Hopefully this club will one day be his in the same way it is mine now.

Mr. Duchatelet, you have my benefit of the doubt for now, but please remember this will always be my club, not yours. I will not give it up when I get bored or realise it doesn't make a profit.

No, this is a lifetime 'hobby' as 'er Indoors sympathetically puts it in the very rare Charlton related text exchange we had the day Chris went. Forever Charlton.     


  1. Was just about to write something along similar lines myself. I'm torn between contempt for the actions of our new owner and support for players like Hamer, Morrison, Wiggins and Jackson, who deserve our backing.

  2. I am going to renew this week, even though the club seem to see fit not to send me a renewal form.

    However, I'm with you, I will seriously consider not coming if they start playing goal music!

  3. Thanks for the comments BA and KHA, always appreciated.

    I guess there's an obvious joke waiting to be delivered reference our fear of hearing goal music at Charlton games!

  4. Abba played the last time we scored. I remember it well :-)