Sunday, 11 January 2015

Big Bob Gone...

Disappointed, but far from surprised. Whatever has caused such an inharmonious atmosphere around Charlton's team of late has ultimately cost Bob Peeters his job after just 28 games in charge. Whether it is entirely fair on the likeable, sizable Belgain to carry the can for our woeful form I don't know, but it has been painfully obvious for a good few weeks now that things weren't right. 

Perhaps most worrying of all, the form showed no signs of improving and as much as I was happy to back Bob Peeters from the outset (and I would have continued to do so for a while longer I'm sure) my honest gut feeling is that this is the correct decision. Something had to change and an influx of new players (no matter how much they still remain essential) didn't strike me as the complete solution to Charlton's current problems. 

I'd heard strong rumours that Bob had lost the dressing room and the body language of the players done little to dispel the speculation.

Correct it may well prove to be, but this sacking is undoubtably embarrassing for my club. Once again, bad press will surround Charlton as Mr. Duchatelet looks to appoint his fourth manager inside a year. The anti-Roland mob will be out in force again with their opinions based on speculation rather than known fact and that will serve only to make a depressing period for the Addickted much worse. As I say, perhaps this decision is the right one for Charlton and not just a way for Roland to piss us off because he 'doesn't care'. I will reserve judgement until more on Big Bob's departure is known, and I expect the truth will out eventually.

That said, as much as I keep an open mind and continue to give Roland the benefit of the doubt, it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to come to Charlton with what appears a very defined vision from an owner who is a businessman rather than a lover of football. It's a vision that Roland appears to stubbornly back no matter what, unfortunately.

As far as replacements go there's no point in wasting any time wishing for an established British manager. We can expect another relatively unknown face from inside the 'network'. Both Guy Luzon and Karel Fraye have been mention already, with both supposedly being 'seen at the Valley' recently. Neither men will lift the fans gloom but I expect one of them to get the job until the end of the season when the process will start all over again.

Farewell Big Bob. Thanks for giving us hope in those early dozen or so games. We enjoyed feeling optimistic as we know it doesn't last long. I genuinely hope you wasn't served a bum deal.

Once again I brace myself for a rocky road ahead. Life as an Addick, eh?


  1. Bob Peeters is supposed to have lost the dressing room. Half the present first team left Standard Leige because they didn't get on with the manager,Guy Luzon! What next?

  2. Thanks or the comment, Anon. I know nothing at all about Guy Luzon, but what I'm hearing is not filling me with much hope.

    I guess it's not unusual for players and managers to fall out or not to see eye to eye, so I don't see much point on dwelling on that, but what concerns me more is that I read Luzon favours a long ball. That would be awful, especially given the players we have.

    Roland seems to have a habit of returning to managers he's discarded in the past, so I'm hoping against all sensible logic we can get Riga back. That seems the only thing that would please me from all of this.