Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Luzon All Hope...

Charlton confirmed this evening that their arduous, painstaking quest to find a replacement for the likeable Bob Peeters had reached a conclusion with the candidate list finally being whittled down from one to, er....one. A remarkable turnaround from Sunday's dismissal to today's announcement, don't you think? In what must go down as one of the worst attempts ever to pull the wool over the eyes of the Addickted, Guy Luzon was unsurprisingly named as Charlton new manager head coach. This appointment absolutely stinks, as does Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Miere's ridiculous attempts to convince us this wasn't pre-planned weeks, or maybe even months ago. It's an absolute joke, although it is in no way funny.

Looks like Big Bob never stood a chance, as was the case for Riga and Powell before him.

Luzon was fired from the head coach role at Standard Liege by Duchatelet only last October after a run of poor results that left the club just 3 points off the relegation places. The Standard fans were so disillusioned with Luzon that they took to demonstrating and even rioting to get him removed from his post. The players were seemingly no keener on the 39 year old Israeli, with relationships breaking down all over the place. Some players ended up at Charlton to 'escape' Luzon. They must be really looking forward to training tomorrow.

And yet, the man who sacked him re-hires him; considering him good enough for my club. As I said, this appointment stinks.

When Powell was shafted I immediately said I would back Riga, as behind the disappointment I knew in my heart it wasn't Jose's fault. Riga was a good man. Even when Peeters came out of nowhere to land the job I was happy to give him the benefit of the doubt as his reputation looked decent for an up-and-coming manager and a few credible voices from Belgium spoke well enough of him. But in Luzon, I cannot find a single person that has anything positive to say...other than Roland.

For all the good Duchatelet has undoubtably done to stabilise the finances of our club and improved the Valley and the pitch, he continues to carelessly rip the heart and soul out of the club and each and every one of us who care so much more than he will ever understand. This club may need to be run like a business off the field, yes, but not on it. Moving players and coaches around 'the network' like troublesome employees in the workplace has left the strong stench of apathy lingering heavy in the air. It will take something special to clear it now.

I guess there's an outside chance this might prove to be a brilliant appointment over time, but the more Roland carries on without any consideration for what it is to 'be Charlton', the more any success will feel hollow. Not that I'll be holding my breath for any.

I can't even bring myself to welcome Guy Luzon. I don't want him at my club.

I'll be at Watford on Saturday. I doubt Roland will bother. He'll have better things to do. I doubt he'll even bother to look at the result; and why should he, he's not a fan after all. His work is done for 5-6 months until he fancies another reshuffle.

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