Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Deluded and Devious V's The Diluted?

You know what? I don't think Katrien Meire is as stupid or naïve as her actions would suggest. I think she has us, the Charlton supporters, well and truly sussed out. And if I'm right, I think her battle plan to ride this storm out is actually pretty devious clever.
I noticed a comment from a well respected former Charlton media employee in which he suggested KM is "very switched on when it comes to fans forums and social media". He went on to say "she'll know how unhappy fans are for sure". Of course, we all know that she is making absolutely no attempts whatsoever to appease our fears, so I'm left with the fair assumption she doesn't give a toss about us.

And that got me thinking...
I said myself via Twitter on Sunday evening that any fan protest against Mr. Duchatelet's bizarre, disrespectful and illogical running of our club needs to be very well coordinated or the effect of a number of smaller factions will be heavily diluted and the results easily dismissed. Within a few hours of Luzon's sacking a number of anti-Duchatelet Twitter accounts had opened up to 'compliment' those already out there, and with all due respect to the those behind the accounts and their worthy intentions, most barely get past double figures in followers.

Hardly readying the foot soldiers for action: something I honestly think KM is well aware of.

And yet, if you combined them all together, and had a single 'leader' directing the 'troops', then the effect is quite different. I think she knows that as well. In every respect, the vastness of social media is actually working on her side.

Again, on Sunday evening numerous suggestions for peaceful demonstrations appeared on social media, ranging from boycotting games to banners and focused chanting at certain times. All valid, but without coordination they will pass the majority by and have little or no impact.

We already know that KM has little regard or respect for the Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust as she has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of willingness to talk to them. I think she knows the 'younger fan' will not take guidance and leadership from the Trust, and unfortunately I think she might be right there.

So who else is there?

So in my view, the 'call to arms' that appears universally supported, is in great danger of diluting itself down to little effect.

La Union Fait La Force! Unity Makes Strength! We just need a credible and well-respected 'Che Guevara' to step forward. Wouldn't it be nice if she has underestimated us?

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