Friday, 30 October 2015

The Great Discontent...

So, according to this piece on the club's official website, "the club’s hierarchy are fully aware of supporters’ discontent" and will meet with fans. The meeting cannot come around soon enough. That discontent has been brewing for 18 months or more, and certainly since we knew in our hearts Chris Powell was a dead man walking. In that time there has been no credible attempt from the club's hierarchy to appease the concern with action, and for too long they have hidden away, relying on the odd decent result every now and again to pour a thimble-full of water on the raging flames.  
Cynics will question whether this is a shallow attempt to ease or even halt the impact of any planned mass protests in the short term, particularly with a televised home game coming up, but whilst I will be keeping my powder dry for now, I will give Meire and Murray the benefit of the doubt. And so should everyone else: I mean, why wouldn't we all hope some good comes out of this?
Perhaps the greatest frustration of all is knowing that if Mr. Duchatelet recognised and learnt from his obvious mistakes he could actually be closer to success than he is in trying to create an illogical model for the mundane at best.  
In case you missed it, Joe Hall, the man behind Valley Talk wrote this exceptional article that was printed yesterday in CityAM. Every single word resonates deeply with the vast majority of Addicks. I would love someone to stand up in front of Katrien Meire and Richard Murray and read it word for word and demand a response. I just hope that whomever is fortunate enough to address the pair can articulate themselves with the same depth of feeling as Joe did.

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