Friday, 11 December 2015

Man v's Mountain?

Hill walkers amongst us will no doubt be familiar with a huge big rock formation in the eastern fells of the Lake District that looms ominously above anyone who dares to try and pass. A difficult enough obstacle at the best of times, but when tackled in conjunction with some of it's near neighbours like Fairfield and Heron Pike, it might well prove too much of a challenge for some. The mountain's name is Nab Scar. Now as you read that name you might be, as I was earlier this week, instantly reminded of our very own Naby Sarr, but unlike the natural rock formation noted above, our French defender is proving to be anything other than a forbidding, impenetrable rock.
I've had the great pleasure to walk the slopes of Nab Scar, and as fell walking goes, the most you really need to worry about is ensuring a firm footing for your feet. For the vast majority of Mr. Duchatelet's foreign imports, finding your feet appears the biggest challenge of all, and many have fallen over the precipice trying (if you can call it that) in some cases, never to return. My guess is Naby will end the same way, but I'd love to be proven wrong.
With Partick Bauer starting his suspension following another red card against Brighton, Charlton's leaky defence is under even greater pressure tomorrow against a physical Leeds United, and young Naby will need to step up and make something of his 6ft 5in frame. Let's hope tomorrow is a turning point for him.
I believe there is another protest planned behind the West Stand tomorrow at 14:30 which I will be fully supporting in principle if not in person. My boy is due to come with me tomorrow and I don't want him exposed to that side of following Charlton at the moment. He knows I'm not happy, but he doesn't really understand why. Perhaps you need to have done the decades of unabridged and uncompromised support to fully understand what is at risk least in my opinion and those who will protest again tomorrow. At 9 years of age he's the future of this club, but after seeing his favourite player in Tony Watt given away loaned out recently, finding a reason to get excited about watching Charlton is harder to find than seeing Roland at the Valley on a matchday! 
Funnily enough, by all accounts, Mr. Duchatelet was at the Valley most of this week, no doubt listening to the hyperbole, rhetoric nonsense spilling out of Meire's mouth. She will have painted a very different picture than those of us in the 2% are seeing, that's for sure. I wonder what his thoughts are on Target 20,000 when gates continue to fall. He may be unrelentingly stubborn, but surely he's not as naïve as Meire?
Unsurprisingly, as he's not a Charlton fan, Mr. Duchatelet will not be staying on to watch the game tomorrow. His absence clearly setting a growing trend amongst so many other genuine Addicks...  

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