Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Not Good Enough...

I can only hope that some time in the not-to-distant future, when we're languishing in mid-table mediocrity in League One, struggling to get a foothold in another tough, uncompromising division Duchatelet has woefully underestimated, that him and the embarrassingly naïve Meire both eventually reflect on evenings like last night with deep regret. If ever there was a lamentable sign of the times, this was it.
Bolton Wanderers, a financial shambles of a club that's very future is in serious question, should have been easy fodder, even for us. Players unpaid again, bottom of the league, lowest goal scorers...etc You might imagine their players would be demotivated and demoralized. In reality, they looked far hungrier than our rudderless, worn-out, threadbare squad.
The game lacked quality all over the pitch. It was a poor example of a football match from two sides facing down the barrel of a gun.
Despite the unexpected surprise of a first minute goal and another on 26 mins, Charlton failed to take any form of control and with a mixture of truly embarrassing defending, poor decision making and tired passing, it was only a matter of time before Bolton got back in the game. Lookman's brace almost forgotten as the team trudged off, heads down, at half time. The Valley faithful struggling to hold back their anger.
Apparently there was 12,294 inside The Valley last night. My best guess would be nearer 8,000. The image above was taken 10 mins before kick off. I know the club must include season ticket holders who, for whatever reason, don't attend, but a 'true' figure of attendance should be printed as well, if only to embarrass the breathtakingly ridiculous Target 20,000 that Meire will undoubtedly persist with. I shake my head every time I think about it. Laughable!    
Duchatelet's immense stubbornness and Meire's naivity is killing this great club. I feel angry, but not in a way that wants to fight. It's a feeling that I've had enough. I'm fed up with feeling so negative about something I have given everything to for years and years. It's not good for you to feel that way.
Thankfully, I miss the next two home games as I'm away with the family over Christmas and New Year. I can count on two hands the total of home games I've missed in the last two decades, but it will be the first time in 21 years I have missed back-to-back games. At this point, I see it as a blessing: an enforced hiatus, if you will. My only regret is Duchatelet already has my money as a season ticket holder, so despite my empty seat, and my boy's next to me, Roland and Katrien will not care.
But that's what comes when generating a level of income is more important than ambition.
By the time I return I fully expect us to be cut well adrift in the bottom three, and....Fraeye to have been appointed full time. Lets not kid ourselves, Fraeye is going nowhere despite the poor results. Charlton's lack of managerial direction, ability and experience the very reason we're in this mess. 


  1. I totally agree with you Ted. As a supporter for over 50 years I've had enough and although I'm not a season ticket holder due to the distance I have to travel to a home game I will no longer make my monthly pilgrimage to The Valley. Duchatelet and Meire have ruined this club. A wise man learns by his mistakes - a fool repeats them. I cannot continue to go for a day out and return home frustrated, angry and generally plain fed up. We have a lot of sub-standard players on the pitch (we all know who they are...) and the youngsters are being burned out by having too much loaded onto their young shoulders. I've had enough of gimmicks (Fan's sofa and Target 20,000), I want a BRITISH manager who knows the Championship to come in NOW to have an input into the January transfer window and to try to turn the ship around.... but as we know that ain't going to happen so I'm, sadly, jumping ship before it hits the rocks. Duchatelet has been told how difficult Division 1 is to get out of - he hasn't listened, he'll sadly just have to find out the hard way.

  2. Well said!
    Target 2,000 more like!
    What's the point carrying on giving them our money it will only prolong this agony?
    I'm off to support Bognor Regis until someone who cares about our club takes charge.
    I too can’t stand the pain anymore!

  3. M/s Meire probably added the extra 0 by accident PeterB, either that or she's aiming for 20,000 empty seats - she's almost achieved that target if the true attendance at last night's game were to be announced...

    It's a sad reflection of where the club are going - at least you will be supporting your local club, and you'll probably enjoy the experience more ... at least until changes occur at The Valley.

    Charlton are in need of a spark and a lift - such as that which Eddie Firmani gave the club when he returned from Italy back in the 1960's and helped stave off relegation to what was then division 3. We need that 'spark' to liven up the club and give hope to those of us in the stands (those that are left...). The only 'spark' that I can think of is a certain gentleman languishing in the stands at Fulham watching games there in his advisory position.... bring back Curbs, give him some cash to spend in the transfer window and watch the club take off - that is if he can be bothered to come back to SE7 having been rebuffed a couple of times already if newspaper reports are to be believed. I doubt that it will happen because Duchatelet knows best... except the over-whelming evidence points to the contrary.

    I think that Freye is being ably supported by Jason Euell - probably being propped up more like! A Curbs/Euell management team would really move the club forward. But who in their right minds would come to SE7 under the present regime?

    Carry on with the demos - let them grow every home game ... change has to come - and that is either in the attitude of the owner or by getting someone to take over the club who have the best interests of Charlton Athletic in their heart. Things cannot go on as they are.... if they do our once-great club will simply die.

    That cannot be allowed to happen for the sake of one rich idiots' ego.