Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Repressive, Despotic, Paranoid...

The author of the tweets above posted them openly on twitter last night (remember, on twitter the posts read bottom up chronologically) around the time that Russell Slade was taking a page out of Katrien Meire's 'Book of Successful Public Speaking' with a harsh and inappropriate dig at the 250 odd hardy souls who travelled up to Vale Park to witness another defensive tactical disaster.
I doff my cap to the author of those tweets, who by way of action, resigned from a very well respected Charlton supporter group rather than conform to the sycophants and flunkies. A man of obvious principles - something not found within the senior management of this once-proud football club. His actions leave him free to protest.
Oh dear, Charlton, what on earth have you become?
In the space of a few days a young fan is set-upon outside the Valley (ironically, for waving a North Korean flag during Saturdays game) by the Regime's heavy-handed covert security team, the manager has a dig at loyal fans to disguise his own failings, and now indisputable proof that censorship is at large.
Roland, Katrien, Tony...if you don't like the comparisons to a repressive, despotic, paranoid regime, then don't do things to make you out to be acting like a repressive, despotic, paranoid regime.
Pretty simple really, even for you lot...
I'm not flattering myself to assume the critical words wrote by myself regularly on this blog are known to the club, but on the off-chance they are, I have a simple message. Please go now. You are killing this club. My club. The demise of Charlton is way beyond any heartbreak you will ever understand not being fans of the club. Be under no illusions that your mismanagement is the reason we are in this mess, and the situation is non-recoverable. Progression can only happen when you have gone.
This is a war of attrition you will not win.   


  1. Here, here Ted. How long before Keohane and Meire look to ban more high profile protesters simply for standing against the Regime. North Korea indeed.

    1. Agreed, Dave. I'm curios to see on what grounds fans will be banned, but it certainly looks like we're edging closer to that happening. It could well be counter-productive as it is highly likely to galvanise support for the protests.

      Personally I'm at the stage where I couldn't give a monkey's if I'm on the radar, but I'm certainly not going to give up the fight.

    2. Not to suggest I'm in anyway 'high profile' by the way...