Thursday, 25 November 2010

Get Well Soon, Mrs. Pettyfer...

I normally have a quick check of my e-mails whilst I wait for the kettle to boil in the morning and so it was with some considerable shock and sadness to read within the club's Bulletin e-mail that Lifelong supporter, Lynne Pettyfer, was hospitalised after being struck on the head by a coin thrown from a fellow 'supporter' in the Upper North late on in the game V's Rovers.

Evidently Mrs. Pettyfer has followed the Addicks home and away since the 50's, and despite her and her husband, Kieth, clearly being very shook-up by this incident, both are still aiming to attend Saturday's game. That's the Charlton spirit! Good on her.

I simply can't comprehend what would motivate anyone to do such a thing and I hope the club find the idiot responsible and ban him for life.

If by extending the coverage of this story to a handful more people in the hope that the culprit can be found, then it will have been worth the effort in posting it.

Meanwhile, get well soon, Mrs. Pettyfer.

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