Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Most Welcome Tuesday Night Treat

How pleasant it is to have that little bit extra spring in your step today (assuming you're an Addick!). I love those private little moments when you rise out of bed still half-asleep, flick the kettle and then all of a sudden your ever-focusing mind recalls the result from the night before forcing your face into a wide grin that would look strange if observed by anyone with no knowledge of what you're grinning at. The opposite emotional morning feeling has been all-to-frequently felt over the last 3-4 years in particular, so I welcome this added daily boost.

What appears to have been a comfortable win at a potentially tricky place in The County Ground is very encouraging indeed. We should guard against getting too carried away, of course, but this is a big result none the less. Strangely, I was quite confident that we'd not get beat last night at least, but a win: I wasn't expecting that!

Nice to see the two front men on the score sheet once again. It looks like they are forming a very well balanced and dangerous partnership. Well done to Parky who has managed to keep calm and remain professional amongst the growing army of discontented Addicks who question his leadership and ability to take us back to the second tier of English football. Interesting that we never made any changes throughout the game: I wonder when the last time that happened? Well done, also, to the 400 odd travelling Addicks who made their way to Wiltshire. As was the case against Carlisle, their efforts have been rewarded.

Perhaps the mauling at the hands of Brighton was just one of those freak results and the unified critical response - which gained substantial support for the 'Parky Out' brigade - may well have been a tad harsh upon reflection. The exit route from this division is for anyone to grasp. Brighton may well be on a roll at present, but their own history indicates they are prone to 'derailing' throughout the season.

A good day to be an Addick...

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