Sunday, 28 November 2010

Incomming text...

FA Cup 3rd Round draw...It seems like every Spurs fan I know wants to tell me how much of a beating I'm going to get...and there are a good number of them ranging across friends, work colleagues and family. There I am, firmly in my place as small-fry amongst the big boys with whom we once mixed. Oh how I remember that scuffed, shinned, scrambled effort by Powell that earnt us a 0-1 thrashing of Spurs at The Lane in the all-to-painfully distant past. There I sat amongst the Glory Boys of Spurs, unable to celebrate the goal, bursting inside, loving every minute.

Not least of all, we have to overcome Luton, who themselves lament of better times. Big boys against those that have fallen on hard times. I'll take your long odds because, like Luton Town, we've not got anything more to loose.

I will not take anything for granted, and if we're lucky enough to go through against Luton...I will stand proudly as an Addick!

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