Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Cheer (a very loud one!!!)...

Ok, I admit it's not particularly sociable or even polite to stare at a phone for 90 odd mins and ignore all the festive fun of a family get-together at Christmas. But then sometimes it is well worth taking enormous amounts of grief if you believe your distraction is important enough. And it most certainly was! I may well have been in North London, but my heart was firmly in the South West!

I stubbornly held strong against the endless stream of comments and icy glares and like my beloved Charlton, I like to think I won through in the end! I couldn't have cared less if my uncontrollable screaming and jumping around the front room was the final insult as Green bagged the winner in injury time hundreds of miles away.

How I wish I could have been there alongside the impressive 1000 strong Addickted at Huish Park. Credit to every one of them for making the journey.

As I couldn't listen to the game I had to follow it via the club's Twitter feed and the BBC website. My refresh button has never taken such a hit.

Well done Sir Chris and the team (and well done Walsall, as well) I can't smile wide enough.

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