Monday, 19 December 2011

Predictive Text...

I just couldn't help feeling like it was going to be one of those days on Saturday, and sadly the concerns noted in my usual pre-match text conversation with my Mum proved correct. Justified confidence had given way to a little bit of nervous tension, but then it wouldn't be Charlton if it all went our way. The stakes are high and the relentless nature of the chasing pack mean Charlton must themselves keep pushing forward. No easy task in a very tough division.

As was the case when Tranmere came to the Valley in early October, Oldham came to avoid defeat at all cost. It's a shame as asides from turning the game into a pretty drab spectacle with negative tactics and endless time wasting, I sensed Oldham actually had better players than their ambition showed. Regardless of these factors, a below par Charlton will rightly consider this as a missed opportunity, and like the Tranmere game, failed to overcome the obstacle. Yann Kermorgant, on the other hand, appears willing to quite literally run through obstacles for the good of the team, even if it meant losing his head in the process (he's the well-bandaged chap in the image left). There are numerous players to consider, but I am beginning to wonder if he may turn out to be Powell's greatest acquisition of the season.

Results elsewhere meant Charlton never lost ground at the top and this proved to be a welcome consolation for a disappointing and frustrating day. No great cause for concern: days like this will happen.

It was great to hear the club have sold out their 7,000 ticket allocation for Fulham. Thanks to Dave at D.D.T.G for posting an article on the fast-selling tickets last week as I'd been so busy at work I'd completely forgot about the game! Thankfully, a quick and rather frantic phone call into the club secured my ticket, but despite the temptation, I decided against taking up my available allowance as although I could have shared the experience with friends, I thought it more ethical to leave the tickets open for the genuine Addickted. I just hope that with some tough and tricky games over Christmas we can avoid any slip-ups and can go to Fulham to enjoy a day out as League One leaders on form.

Finding the time to keep this blog up to date has been really difficult of late, and it is to the credit of those fellow Charlton bloggers that when I have found time for a burst of creative writing, the subject matter or point has been noted elsewhere. It's a great time to be an Addick and if all our collective Christmas wishes come true (yes, that one!), then come May I will not care anywhere near as much about repeating a subject.

Thanks for reading anything I've wrote this year, especially if you've taken the time to comment. Seasons greetings to you all.

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