Sunday, 15 April 2012

O.M.G, We've Done It...!

I'd stayed pretty calm for the first 45, even when I'd seen Colchester were in front v's Wednesday. I was even pretty reserved when BWP scored, after all, I was slap-bang in the centre of Bath, right outside the Abbey to be exact, amongst hundreds of fellow tourists and shoppers.

I could have been anywhere. I couldn't have cared. My heart was much, much further North. I'd entered that dream-like state that meant nothing around me was registering. Nothing else mattered.

I'd spent four years wishing for better fortunes for Charlton; hoping for better days. Was this the day? It certainly wasn't quite how I imagined it would be.

Those last ten minutes were total and utter agony. It reminded me so vividly of those moments just before the penalty shoot-out back in 98. Such fine lines between success and failure. 

My missus had began to give me that look midway through the 2nd half. To her credit, not a look of anger or annoyance (we were away for our 10 year wedding anniversary break, after all), but that puzzled look of someone who, by her own admission, just couldn't understand the emotion. None the less, it was a glare that still carried an element of sympathy and she knew she had lost me. Bless her, she told me to sit down whilst she smooched around a few nearby shops.

I was sat down, hunched over my phone, fidgeting like a madman. My hands were shaking so much it was an effort to keep refreshing Twitter. My heart was pounding so much I'm sure you could have heard it if you sat next to me. So close...

Those closing minutes took an absolute lifetime. I just couldn't help myself, the emotion of year's of disappointment began to to slowly lift and my eyes began to fill up. So close, but all with that agonising feeling of knowing football well enough to know how it can change in a flash.

When promotion was confirmed, I'm not in any way embarrassed to say I cried like a baby...right there in the most public place imaginable! But this time around it would be tears of sheer joy. I just can't describe how happy I was.

My Mum sent over a text that said "O.M.G, we've done it". We certainly had! Before long there was a big fat 'P' next to our name in the league table. The next few hours were a blur.

For the first time this season I stayed up to watch the Football League Show and had another tearful moment watching the team celebrate with the travelling fans and then listening to Sir Chris's emotional post-match interview. I love that man!

On to The Valley next week, and boy will it be emotional?!? I just can't wait.


  1. Great post Ted. The tears came back to me after reading it. I spoke to my Mum & Dad straight after, who sadly don't get to many games these days and they were ecstatic. Old or young - this club just gets to you doesn't it?

    I too was quite relaxed at half time, but as my other half will tell you when we scored I was like a crazed man. I just knew that was the moment, but bloody hell those remaining minutes seemed like a lifetime. COYR.

  2. Thanks for the comment, CA. You'll know what I mean when I say this was one of the easiest posts I've ever written.

    Just got home from my weekend away and I've poured myself a cheeky (large) dark rum and I intend to catch up with yesterday's events...

    Safe journey over for Hartlepool!!!

  3. Thanks mate. Blogging is so much easier when it comes from the heart and not the head.